A Modern History of American Brewing Told by the Brewers

Rogue's John Maier, Christine Jump, Ninkasi's Jamie Floyd

Rogue Ales’ John Maier, Craft Brew Cast’s Christine Jump, Ninkasi Brewing’s Jamie Floyd.

Craft Brew Cast is a podcast that captures moments in American Craft Beer history through informal interviews and conversations with brewers and other key players. Brewers share insights, strategies, craft beer and community.

These moments in history were inspired by the 2006 Great American Brew Festival. It was a wonderful experience of excitement, and camaraderie. Meeting with gifted brewers that were creating wonderful new beers, and exploring their craft with them was the inspiration for recording and sharing these conversations – and Craft Brew Cast was born. It is my hope that these interviews convey that excitement.

The first interview was recorded with Ninkasi Brewing’s Jamie Floyd as we walked together through Denver to the that very festival on my Palm Pilot device, and you can definitely hear the raw quality of those early recordings. Now I use a nice quadraphonic recorder designed for live music performances and at times the iPad.

Craft Brew Cast is a labor of love. I sincerely hope that your horizons and appreciation for craft brews are broadened by these candid conversations.

Contact me to request an interview, contribute to the program or for general information:
Email: christine[at]craftbrewcast[dot]com
Phone: 786-273-9425 (run brew gal)

– Christine Jump, Producer