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The Bier Stein Bottle Store and Pub carries over 950 different bottled beers and 10 constantly changing taps, in addition to delicious well made pub fair.This remarkable little gem in Eugene, Oregon was opened in July of 2005 by Chip and Christina Hardy. Chip is an award winning professional brewer in the Pacific North West and in this interview he tells us how he went from not liking beer at all to becoming the proprietor of a premium bottle store in

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Oregon. His journey of discovery is a fascinating tale and he now aids others along a similar path by his offerings and tastings.Always unusual beers on tap, and the microbrews that line almost every wall and shelve offer something for everyone. Do you like sweet malty Belgium ales? Bitter or aromatic hoppy beers? Flavored Lambics? Experimental or smoked stouts and porters. How about a vintage ale? There is something for you at the Bier Stein. The collage above is just one of the coolers at this extraordinary pub (-by Christine Jump).Bier Stein Bottleshop and Pub

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