Barley’s Angels Presents Julia Herz at Rogue Hop Farm

Julia Herz presents to Barley's Angels at Rogue Hop FarmBarley’s Angels Farm to Bottle event at Rogue Hop Farm featured a number of presentations, tours and tastings showcasing Terroir to table quality. Craft Brew Cast recorded Palate Trips presented by Julia Herz and now, you too can take the Palate Trip.

Amid hops and hives, rye and pumpkins in the Wigrich Appellation of Independence Oregon, while roosters crow, Julia lays the foundation for a journey, acquainting us with the flavors of each of five beer styles and how they compliment or diminish sweet, salty, spicy or acidic favors and what cuts through richness, calms acid, or balances spice. Then the tasting begins with Julia and participants sharing their impressions along the journey.

Assemble the following beer styles and food items to follow along: a pilsner, berliner weisse, brown, oatmeal stout, and imperial IPA, blue cheese, chocolate, feta, caramel corn, pepperoni, a slice of kosher dill pickle, and a dollop  spicey mustard on a cracker.

Barley's AngelsBarley’s Angels is an organization offering women more than 138 educational craft beer experiences in 2012, produced by a global network of chapters. Launched  in 2011 at Rogue Distillery and Public House in Portland Oregon, there are now chapters in five countries. Chapters operate autonomously bringing craft beer professionals and experts together with eager female consumers to expand the appreciation,  understanding and sharing of craft beer. To form a chapter or find one in your area visit

Brewers AssociationJulia Herz is Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association and Publisher of She is a BJCP beer judge, award-winning homebrewer, a Certified Cicerone® and leader of American Craft Beer Week. Her areas of expertise include: Resources and education on craft beer, general statistics on the craft brewer segment, beer styles and trends plus craft beer and food pairing. In her role at the Brewers Association she serves as an advocate for and educator about U.S. craft brewers, and is a spokesperson for the Association. [source:]

Rogue AlesRogue Hop Farm is home to a historic “Hop-n-Bed”, Chatoe Rogue tasting room, chickens, turkeys, bees,  pot bellied pigs, hops yard, rye fields, gardens, the hop processing facilities, and the James and Frannie Coleman Conference Center. It is located along the 45th parallel, the “sweet spot” for hops growing in the Northern Hemisphere. During summer, the long periods of daylight and short periods of nighttime create ideal conditions for growing hops. This combination of long days and short nights are necessary to produce the hormones within the plant that stimulate growth of vines and flowers, leading to an abundance of cones for harvest in the fall. — Post by Christine Jump

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The Pike Brewing Company: Drew Cluley and Alumni Brewers

Old Bawdy logoDrew Cluley invited me to The Pike Brewing Company for their Vertical Barley Wine Tasting and was a fabulous host. They served six vintages of the Old Bawdy side by side to a packed house in the Museum and restaurant in Seattle Washington.

It is remarkable how well those beers have each aged. Fal Allen had brewed the three oldest ones, and Drew the three latest ones. If you haven’t tried Old Bawdy, get ahold of a few bottles, enjoy some of them fresh and let the rest age!

In this show you will hear co-owner Charles Finkel along with Drew Cluley, and Fal Allen each address the crowd Old Bawdy logowith stories from the risqué beginnings of the brewery through its evolution to its current location. Later, you’ll join us in a lively round table discussion on the topic of Beer vs. Wine and more with Pike’s alumni of brewers including Dick Cantwell now with Elysian Brewing Company, Fal Allen now at Archipelago Brewing of Singapore, Kevin Forhan now at Ram Restaurant and Brewery, and Janelle Pritchard now at Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company.

The Pike Brewing Company is a must see location in Seattle. The staff makes you feel as though you’ve come home, and the breweriana collections in the museum are unbelievable. Add to the experience the fabulous beer, and just you can’t go wrong.

The Pike Brewing Company
Archipalego Brewing
Elysian Brewing Co.
Ram Brewery and Restaurant
Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co.

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Cambridge Brewing’s Megan Parisi, Brewsters and Women in the Industry


Cambridge beerCambridge Brewing’s head brewster Megan Parisi and member of the Pink Boots Society of women in the brewing industry speaks about their seasonal and award winning beers, exactly how she got her foot in the door as a professional brewer, a bit of the history of women in the brewing industry and some of the not so glamorous work that goes into specialty ales.

Teri Fahrendorf, international beer judge, Road Brewer and founder of the Pink Boots Society gives a very sensual description of her beer tasting technique.

Jeanine Marois w/ judges Jeanine Marois, founder and President of Mondial de la Biere festival provides a bit of history and happenings of this fantastic international festival held in Montreal around the end of May and Early June. She also announces a new festival that will debut in France in 2009!

[Photo right: Mondial de la BiËre – Christophe Antoine International development consultant of the International chamber of commerce of Strasbourg-Bas Rhin, Marie-JosÈe Lefebvre general manager of Mondial de la biËre, Oleg Dergachov MA, Jury President fo cartoon beer contest, cartoonist and sculptor, Jeannine Marois President of Mondial de la biËre, Deborah Wood, Representative of sales, Gilbertson & Page (canada) Inc. and judge of cartoon beer contest, Olivier Epp International assistant director of the International chamber of commerce of Strasbourg-Bas Rhin.]

Becky BishopWrapping up the show with “Drinking Alone” by Becky Bishop. A tune that I found at [Photo left: Becky Bishop, photographer Michael McCans] 

This show is sponsored by ROGUE Ales, Stouts, Lagers, Porters and Spirits. Brewed and distilled in Newport Oregon. And is part of the GABF Interviews series here at

Cambridge Brewing Company
Road Brewer: Teri Fahrendorf
Pink Boots Society
Mondial de la Biere
Great American Brew Festival

Rogue Ales
Becky Bishop
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Samuel Adams’ Jim Koch & Longshot-GABF 2008

Longshot logo

Longshot winners w/Jim KochJim Koch presents the Longshot Homebrew Contest finalists of both the nation-wide side and the Employee side of the competition. Expressing his passion for homebrewing and the relevance it continues to have in the Craft Brewing movement Jim reveals the winners of this years competition. Interestingly one of the beers that won last year will be included in the upcoming release of the Longshot mixed case. You’ll have to listen to the show to find out why. These winning recipes will be brewed and released early in of 2009. Don’t miss them, they are outstanding flavorful, beers.

 Crowd awaiting Utopias

Then Jim and I chat about the Great American Brewers Festival’s roots in homebrewing, his family history in professional brewing, and take a walk down memory lane of breweries past. He also explains the special conditions for pouring Utopias at the GABF.

Rob Driscoll gives us the deadlines for the next Longshot Homebrew Contest -get ready. I understand that Samuel Adams treats finalists VERY well when they come to the GABF.

I wrap up the show with a little beer diddy that was sang by Matt Swihart as we closed the GABF weekend at Falling Rock Tap House. Matt is the brew master at Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River, Oregon.

This show is sponsored by ROGUE Ales, Stouts, Lagers, Porters and Spirits. Brewed and distilled in Newport Oregon.

Great American Beer Festival
Rogue Ales
Samuel Adams
Longshot Homebrew Contest

Rolling Boil Blues Band
Double Mountain Brewery and Tap Room
Falling Rock Tap House
Host Christine Jump’s profile

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Roots Organic Brewery’s Craig Nichols: Festivals, Organics, Beer…

Roots LogoCraig Nichols sat down over a beer with me and we talked about the North American Organic Brewers Festival and so much more: Roots surprising answer to the hop and barley shortages and pricing issues. Thier upcoming Belgium Festival, Great American Beer Festival experiences Important details to successfully age ales. Their outstanding brewers and upcoming ales. They’re North American Organic Brewers Festivaldoing some experimental things including wood aging, imperials, gruets, the epic ales. Roots pub expansion and serving organic produce.

Craig is an energetic, outgoing, longtime brewer and his passion and enthusiasm makes for an entertaining and infromative interview. Rolling Boil Blues Band rounds out the show with Hip This Town.

Rolling Boil Blues Band logo


Roots Organic Brewery,

Roots Organic Brewing on Myspace,

North American Organic Brewers Festival,

Great American Beer Festival,

Rolling Boil Blues Band

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Sasquatch Brew Festival 2007


In this premiere episode you’ll hear interviews recorded live at the Sasquatch Brew Festival with Quentin Falconer, Glen Hay Falconer Memorial Foundation‘s Brewing Scholarship recipients Jacob Leanard and Corey Blodget, and Wakonda Brewing‘s Juanita Kirkham. I also discuss Rogue ales YouTube videos, Oregon Brewers Festival, brewing news, and events.

This episode is reposted because it dropped off of the feed about a month after it was released. It has important information about the Glen Hay Falconer Memorial Foundation Brewing Scholarships at the Siebel Institute and the deadline for applications approaches, April 20th. Besides, this episode has very sentimental value to me, and it should be available to subscribers.

I have a follow up interview with Corey Blodget, one of the 2007 winners that I’m about to post. So, first things first. 

Sasquatch Brew Festival

Glen Hay Falconer Memorial Foundation Brewing Scholarship

GHF Brewing Scholarship Application

Siebel Institute

Oregon Brewers Festival

Craft Brew Cast home page

Craft Brew Cast on myspace

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Roots Brewery releases 2007 Epic Ale

Roots logoRoots Organic Brewing Co. will release it’s 2007 epic ale on 12/21/07 in Portland Oregon. I visited this evening and met masterbrewer Jason McAdam. Jason explained that there will be bottles of the 2002 epic available and a vintage 2006 on draught. This is a big beer and he tells us what went into making it. You’d be suprised what you can do with Scotch, Cognac and Cherry wood.

The bottle artwork was done by a local artist that goes by Ezra. Check out some of his work on myspace!

Root’s will be expanding and adding a bottling line so look for it in your favorite bottle stores.

The show raps up with Rolling Boil Blues Bands “Goin’ to Berkeley City.

Roots Organic Brewing

Roots on myspace

Ezra’s myspace page

Craft Brew Cast on Myspace

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Holiday Ale Festival 2007

At the 12th annual Holiday Ale Festival in Portland Oregon, there were more than 40 beers from up and down the west coast, Alaska, and even Belgium. There were Old Ales, Barley wines, Imperial Stouts, Strong Scotch Ales, Doppel Bocks, Triples and Quads. Hoppy beers, malty beers, spiced beers, balanced beers and over-the-top beers. I did a nice little give away, and was lucky enough to be able to interview the maker of one of the crowd favorites year after year: Jason Web, brewer at Fearless Brewing Company in Estacada, Oregon. And we get a run down of the crowd favorites. This is a brief little episode that wraps up with the Rolling Boil Blues Band’s Homebrew Hand Jive. 

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Holiday Ale Festival

Fearless Brewing Company

Rogue Ales

CD Baby DIY Music Podcast

Dr. Worts review of the festival

Oregon Brewers Festival 2007 Weekend

Live interviews from microbrew festivals with people who know that beer is good for you!. In this episode 21st Amendment’s Shaun O’Sullivan on his Watermellon Wheat and canning beer, Rogue Ales‘ Scott Gallagher gives us the 13th Annual Bones and Brews, Pacific Brew New’s Rick Sellers gives a shout out to brewers and home brew clubs, Wadzilla from Laurelwood Public House and Brewery gets his party on with Bar2D2. August brew festivals dates and locations.announced.

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