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Stone Brewing’s Greg Koch-GABF 2008


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It is rare to see a business commit so completely to environmental and socially responsible practices. Despite higher operating costs and logistical challenges that those very practices present, Stone Brewing Company World Bistro and Gardens is a model to that end. Greg reveals Stone’s unwavering focus to conscientiously invest in responsible, sustainable business practices, as well as safe and healthy choices for their guests while supporting local agriculture. For example; there are bans of certain ingredients at Stone, and a fleet of hybrid vehicles for their sales team.

Greg Koch and co-owner/master brewer Steve Wagner demonstrate that sustainability means business success. They have taken the risk, made the investments and are realizing overwhelming growth. This brewery and restaurant is a model of how business can thrive.

“Going Green” and being a “Socially Responsible” business is not a black and white proposition. Equipment required to minimize the businesses environmental impact, may incur increased energy usage. Hence, tough choices and consequences to balance.

Stone Brewing Company is putting their money where their hearts are with the beers and the Bistro. And it’s working for the business.

Listen to Greg’s passionate interview. Follow the leader – Stone Brewing CoStarboard Green

Music this episode is generously provided by Starboard Green under the pseudonym Bob Dystilan, performing The Beers They are A-Changin’. Band members Brad Paxton and Josh Nichols co-wrote these lyrics to the tune of Bob Dylan’s classic, The Times They Are A-Changin’.

Brad sent this tidbit of background for you:


The 2006 Dogfish Head Bocce Ball Tournament required four people to a team. The teams competed in two events – the actual Bocce Ball game (where we didn’t exactly excel) and a team theme/originality contest.

We decided to go as ‘the Beerniks,’ and basically took key icons in the Beatnik world and gave them beer related names, such as ‘Bob Dystilan,’ ‘Ale’n Ginsbeerg’ and ‘Dr. Timothy Beery’ (who, instead of LSD, distributed bags of hops to people).

This episode sponsored by Rogue Ales, Stouts, Porters, Lagers and Spirits – Brewed and Distilled in Newport, Oregon.

Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens
Starboard Green
Starboard Green myspace page
Bob Dystilan

Great American Beer Festival

Rogue Ales
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Samuel Adams’ Jim Koch & Longshot-GABF 2008

Longshot logo

Longshot winners w/Jim KochJim Koch presents the Longshot Homebrew Contest finalists of both the nation-wide side and the Employee side of the competition. Expressing his passion for homebrewing and the relevance it continues to have in the Craft Brewing movement Jim reveals the winners of this years competition. Interestingly one of the beers that won last year will be included in the upcoming release of the Longshot mixed case. You’ll have to listen to the show to find out why. These winning recipes will be brewed and released early in of 2009. Don’t miss them, they are outstanding flavorful, beers.

 Crowd awaiting Utopias

Then Jim and I chat about the Great American Brewers Festival’s roots in homebrewing, his family history in professional brewing, and take a walk down memory lane of breweries past. He also explains the special conditions for pouring Utopias at the GABF.

Rob Driscoll gives us the deadlines for the next Longshot Homebrew Contest -get ready. I understand that Samuel Adams treats finalists VERY well when they come to the GABF.

I wrap up the show with a little beer diddy that was sang by Matt Swihart as we closed the GABF weekend at Falling Rock Tap House. Matt is the brew master at Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River, Oregon.

This show is sponsored by ROGUE Ales, Stouts, Lagers, Porters and Spirits. Brewed and distilled in Newport Oregon.

Great American Beer Festival
Rogue Ales
Samuel Adams
Longshot Homebrew Contest

Rolling Boil Blues Band
Double Mountain Brewery and Tap Room
Falling Rock Tap House
Host Christine Jump’s profile

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21st Amendment

GABF 2008: Falling Rock, 21st Amendment, Michelob Experimentals

Day one of the Great American Beer Festival and I started off with a beer at Falling Rock Tap House. They are the unofficial hub during GABF week. You’ll hear owner Chris Black discuss the GABF and what is behind this pub making the “top 10″ list.

Then I attended a food and beer tasting featuring some wonderful craft styles from none other than Michelob. Nathaniel Davis, Master Brewer at their 10 bbl experimental brewery in St Louis talk with me about their beers, Michelob’s roots as a premier brewer and very interesting insights on glassware.

21st Amendment’s Shaun O’Sullivan shares his passion for canning craft beer and elaborates on his partnership with a friend and brewer to can his signature beers.

I wrap the show with Rolling Boil Blues Band’s Brew Right for the Blind

This episode is sponsored by: Rogue Ales, stouts, lagers, porters and spirits. Brewed and distilled in Newport Oregon.

Great American Beer Festival
Falling Rock
21st Amendment
Rolling Boil Blues Band
Rogue Ales

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Green Brewing: Hopworks Urban Brewery, Beer Institute and “Bottle Music”

This episodes kicks of my Green Series with the Beer Institute’s President Jeff Becker. Jeff provides a history of ecologically sound practices in the brewing industry as well as discussing current technologies and breweries raising the bar in this area. Jeff also offers up resources for those of you seeking to minimize your brewery’s footprint.

Ben Love with Portland Oregon’s Eco-Pub Hopworks Urban Brewery touches on the myriad of building and brewing steps they have taken. A tremendous move for a small local brewery demonstrating their commitment to the environment and their community. It has paid of in a big way. I join him on the eve of their opening night.

The Local Brew w. Mark MarionThe Local Brew is a production company producing in depth coverage of breweries and what’s behind them. The host is entertaining, and the camera work is outstanding. Their first release features Stone Brewing Co. and I have a brief review of this wonderful DVD for you.

Finally, the music featured on this show is a performance by the VB Stubby Symphony playing Victoria Bitter’s jingle, but get this – all the instruments are VB beer bottles!

Special thanks to Rolling Boil Blues Band for allowing me to use their music for the Craft Brew Cast intro.

VB Stubby Symphony

Rolling Boil Blues Band

Beer Institute

Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB)
HUB Going Green in this many ways: click here

The Local Brew

Stone Brewing Company

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Rogue Ales: Hops, Barley, Beer and Spirits.

Rogue Ales master brewer John Maier, founder Jack Joyce, and John Young from the newest Rogue outpost each join us in this show.

John Maier tells us about the latest in his John’s Locker Stock series – Love and Hoppiness. This is a lagered strong ale that has sentimental roots and John tells of its evolution and annual occasion.

Jack Joyce discusses how Rogue Hop Farmthe hops and barley shortages has effected the industry as a whole, changing the way breweries plan and collaborate. He introduces no less than 7 new products that will begin appearing in 2008. Rogue will begin joining the “wood” styles of beer, with a twist as only Rogue can.

Shortly after these interviews were taken Rogue revealed that they’re growing their own hops in a heritage farm near Independence, Oregon. More details are posted on the Craft Brew Cast Blog page.

Rogue has opened an outpost inside the concourse at the Portland International Airport! So you can now take great food with you on your flight. I talked with John and was surprised to learn of another service that they provide travelers. Ill have to let hear him tell it.

Rogue's new 100bbl system I wrap the show up with a song called “Beer Toast” by Bobby Chitwood. He’s got some nice slide guitar and fiddle going, and yuks it up with a beery-country twang.

As always, a big thank you to Rolling Boil Blues Band for letting me use their music with our intro. Check their website for upcoming concert dates.

Craft Brew Cast homepage
Craft Brew Cast on Myspace
Rogue Ales

John’s Locker Stock Love and Hoppiness
Bobby Chitwood

Rolling Boil Blues Band
Drinking With Daren

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Sasquatch Legacy Beer and Walking Man Brewery

2008 Legacy BrewersWalking Man Brewing is a warm and inviting place with a range of beers that has literally something for everyone with the most discerning of taste for Craft Brews. In keeping with that standard it is also a place where the Legacy of Glen Falconer continues, as each year the latest recipients of the Glen Hay Falconer Memorial Foundation’s professional brewing scholarships, brew a collaboration beer.

This Legacy Project is the brain child of Bob Craig, owner ofWalkingman Stool Walking Man Brewing in Stevenson Washington and raises funds for the scholarship. In the past the Legacy Project has raised over $6,000 for the foundation. An amount that covers the Foundation’s portion for one of the annual scholarships that are awarded each year. If you haven’t submitted an application and are reading this before April 21st then there is still time to do so.

Sasquatch LogoThis beer exemplifies the unity of the Craft Brew Industry. Bob has rallied the industry behind the cause. From Great Western’s donation of the malts, to the pub owners who contribute for each pint sold and everyone in between.

Jacob Leanard and Corey Blodget’s collaboration for 2008 is an Imperial Vienna style. The release will be at Don Younger’s Horsebrass Pub in Portland Oregon. The date is yet to be announced and will be posted on the Craft Brew Cast Calendar.

Brewers and press gathered on the day of the brew. We were Christine Jump w/ John Foystonhosted by Walking Man with tremendous big beers and fine foods.

If there is any truth to the idea that the energy in which food is cooked might be passed into the food, then this beer will imbue one with a zest for life. It is my hope that the interviews in this podcast transport you to Walking Man where creative brewing freedom and warm company fuel a Legacy.

Celebrator Beer News

McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and Brewery

Walkingman Brewery
Brewing Scholarship
Rolling Boil Blues Band
Scholarship Application
Sasquatch Brew Festival
The Beer Here
North American Organic Brewers Festival
Jeff Mallon
Roots Organic Brewery
Podshow Music Network
Craft Brew Cast

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Roots Organic Brewery’s Craig Nichols: Festivals, Organics, Beer…

Roots LogoCraig Nichols sat down over a beer with me and we talked about the North American Organic Brewers Festival and so much more: Roots surprising answer to the hop and barley shortages and pricing issues. Thier upcoming Belgium Festival, Great American Beer Festival experiences Important details to successfully age ales. Their outstanding brewers and upcoming ales. They’re North American Organic Brewers Festivaldoing some experimental things including wood aging, imperials, gruets, the epic ales. Roots pub expansion and serving organic produce.

Craig is an energetic, outgoing, longtime brewer and his passion and enthusiasm makes for an entertaining and infromative interview. Rolling Boil Blues Band rounds out the show with Hip This Town.

Rolling Boil Blues Band logo


Roots Organic Brewery,

Roots Organic Brewing on Myspace,

North American Organic Brewers Festival,

Great American Beer Festival,

Rolling Boil Blues Band

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Roots Brewery releases 2007 Epic Ale

Roots logoRoots Organic Brewing Co. will release it’s 2007 epic ale on 12/21/07 in Portland Oregon. I visited this evening and met masterbrewer Jason McAdam. Jason explained that there will be bottles of the 2002 epic available and a vintage 2006 on draught. This is a big beer and he tells us what went into making it. You’d be suprised what you can do with Scotch, Cognac and Cherry wood.

The bottle artwork was done by a local artist that goes by Ezra. Check out some of his work on myspace!

Root’s will be expanding and adding a bottling line so look for it in your favorite bottle stores.

The show raps up with Rolling Boil Blues Bands “Goin’ to Berkeley City.

Roots Organic Brewing

Roots on myspace

Ezra’s myspace page

Craft Brew Cast on Myspace

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Bier Stein – Over 950 Beers!

Bier Stein logo

The Bier Stein Bottle Store and Pub carries over 950 different bottled beers and 10 constantly changing taps, in addition to delicious well made pub fair.This remarkable little gem in Eugene, Oregon was opened in July of 2005 by Chip and Christina Hardy. Chip is an award winning professional brewer in the Pacific North West and in this interview he tells us how he went from not liking beer at all to becoming the proprietor of a premium bottle store in

Bier Stein Collage

Oregon. His journey of discovery is a fascinating tale and he now aids others along a similar path by his offerings and tastings.Always unusual beers on tap, and the microbrews that line almost every wall and shelve offer something for everyone. Do you like sweet malty Belgium ales? Bitter or aromatic hoppy beers? Flavored Lambics? Experimental or smoked stouts and porters. How about a vintage ale? There is something for you at the Bier Stein. The collage above is just one of the coolers at this extraordinary pub (-by Christine Jump).Bier Stein Bottleshop and Pub

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GABF Brewing Industry Interviews 4

In this 4th episode of the Great American Beer Festival series you’ll hear from Rogue Ales’-Brett Joyce, Samual Adams’-Jim Koch, Snake River Brewing’s-Tim Harland. We find out what their very important roll in the Journalism awards was, and about the beers they brought, crowd favorites and medal winners. Snake River Brewing goes in depth about the brewery, where it’s going, the big changes ahead, and its history and discusses the phenomenal small batch experimental microbrews that brewer Paul is making at their Lander location, Gruets, Lambic like beers, and medal winning barley wines. Many thanks to Rogue Ales for sponsoring this GABF series!

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Samuel Adams

Boston Beer

Rogue Ales

Snake River Brewing

Great American Beer Festival

Brewers Association

American Homebrewers Association

Rolling Boil Blues Band