Holiday Ale Festival 2007

At the 12th annual Holiday Ale Festival in Portland Oregon, there were more than 40 beers from up and down the west coast, Alaska, and even Belgium. There were Old Ales, Barley wines, Imperial Stouts, Strong Scotch Ales, Doppel Bocks, Triples and Quads. Hoppy beers, malty beers, spiced beers, balanced beers and over-the-top beers. I did a nice little give away, and was lucky enough to be able to interview the maker of one of the crowd favorites year after year: Jason Web, brewer at Fearless Brewing Company in Estacada, Oregon. And we get a run down of the crowd favorites. This is a brief little episode that wraps up with the Rolling Boil Blues Band’s Homebrew Hand Jive. 

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Holiday Ale Festival

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