Roots Brewery releases 2007 Epic Ale

Roots logoRoots Organic Brewing Co. will release it’s 2007 epic ale on 12/21/07 in Portland Oregon. I visited this evening and met masterbrewer Jason McAdam. Jason explained that there will be bottles of the 2002 epic available and a vintage 2006 on draught. This is a big beer and he tells us what went into making it. You’d be suprised what you can do with Scotch, Cognac and Cherry wood.

The bottle artwork was done by a local artist that goes by Ezra. Check out some of his work on myspace!

Root’s will be expanding and adding a bottling line so look for it in your favorite bottle stores.

The show raps up with Rolling Boil Blues Bands “Goin’ to Berkeley City.

Roots Organic Brewing

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Ezra’s myspace page

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Bier Stein – Over 950 Beers!

Bier Stein logo

The Bier Stein Bottle Store and Pub carries over 950 different bottled beers and 10 constantly changing taps, in addition to delicious well made pub fair.This remarkable little gem in Eugene, Oregon was opened in July of 2005 by Chip and Christina Hardy. Chip is an award winning professional brewer in the Pacific North West and in this interview he tells us how he went from not liking beer at all to becoming the proprietor of a premium bottle store in

Bier Stein Collage

Oregon. His journey of discovery is a fascinating tale and he now aids others along a similar path by his offerings and tastings.Always unusual beers on tap, and the microbrews that line almost every wall and shelve offer something for everyone. Do you like sweet malty Belgium ales? Bitter or aromatic hoppy beers? Flavored Lambics? Experimental or smoked stouts and porters. How about a vintage ale? There is something for you at the Bier Stein. The collage above is just one of the coolers at this extraordinary pub (-by Christine Jump).Bier Stein Bottleshop and Pub

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Holiday Ale Festival 2007

At the 12th annual Holiday Ale Festival in Portland Oregon, there were more than 40 beers from up and down the west coast, Alaska, and even Belgium. There were Old Ales, Barley wines, Imperial Stouts, Strong Scotch Ales, Doppel Bocks, Triples and Quads. Hoppy beers, malty beers, spiced beers, balanced beers and over-the-top beers. I did a nice little give away, and was lucky enough to be able to interview the maker of one of the crowd favorites year after year: Jason Web, brewer at Fearless Brewing Company in Estacada, Oregon. And we get a run down of the crowd favorites. This is a brief little episode that wraps up with the Rolling Boil Blues Band’s Homebrew Hand Jive. 

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Holiday Ale Festival

Fearless Brewing Company

Rogue Ales

CD Baby DIY Music Podcast

Dr. Worts review of the festival

GABF Brewing Industry Interviews 4

In this 4th episode of the Great American Beer Festival series you’ll hear from Rogue Ales’-Brett Joyce, Samual Adams’-Jim Koch, Snake River Brewing’s-Tim Harland. We find out what their very important roll in the Journalism awards was, and about the beers they brought, crowd favorites and medal winners. Snake River Brewing goes in depth about the brewery, where it’s going, the big changes ahead, and its history and discusses the phenomenal small batch experimental microbrews that brewer Paul is making at their Lander location, Gruets, Lambic like beers, and medal winning barley wines. Many thanks to Rogue Ales for sponsoring this GABF series!

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Samuel Adams

Boston Beer

Rogue Ales

Snake River Brewing

Great American Beer Festival

Brewers Association

American Homebrewers Association

Rolling Boil Blues Band

GABF Brewing Industry Interviews 3

In this third episode of interviews recorded live from the Great American Beer Festival. Ninkasi Brewing Company’s Jamie Floyd introduces the show. I bring you Cambridge Brewing Company’s brewer Will Meyers fascinating discussion about Gruets. Will’s Gruets have gained recognition in the US and abroad. Roof Brothers Wine and Spirits beer manager Kane Roberts shares some of the changes he’s seen in the GABF competition over the last several years. Rolling Boil Blues Band Home Brew Hand Jive wraps up the show.This Series sponsored by Rogue Ales, Lagers, Stouts, Porters and Spirits brewed and distilled in Newport Oregon. Thank you Rogue!

Cambridge Brewing Company’s

Roof Brothers Wine and Spirits

Rolling Boil Blues Band

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GABF Brewing Industry Interviews 2


The second in a series of Great American Beer Festival interviews with brewers, brewery owners, and others, recorded live from the festival and GABF events. In this episode we hear from Elysian‘s Dick Cantwell about the soon to be operating brewery at Elysian Fields and the now famous Pumpkin Festival that features a real pumpkin firkin. Boscos Brewing Company’s Chuck Skypeck on professional judging and Boscos. This show features This Brew’s for You by Tom Dalldorf’s Rolling Boil Blues Band.

Great American Beer Festival


Boscos Brewing Company’s

Rolling Boil Blues Band

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GABF Brewing Industry Interviews 1


The first in a series of Great American Beer Festival interviews with brewers, brewery owners, and others, recorded live from the festival and GABF events. In this episode we hear from a trio of industry icons: Widmer Brothers Brewing Company’s Rob Widmer, Kona Brewing Company’s Tony Scollieri, and Anheuser Busch’s George Reisch.  Full Sail’s Barney Brennen also tells us about what they’ve brought to the festival for thier 20th Anniversary. This show features Hop This Town by Tom Dalldorf’s Rolling Boil Blues Band.

Great American Beer Festival

Full Sail’s

Anheuser Busch’s

Widmer Brothers Brewing

Kona Brewing Company’s

Rolling Boil Blues Band

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Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Jamie Floyd, Brewer/Owner at Ninkisi Brewing Company, in Eugene Oregon goes in depth about the beer, the brewery, and their mission; teaming up with the Whitaker Cocktail Society and Oregon Brewers Guild for events; and their latest release Schwag Lager and the unique concept behind it.

We also have music from Rolling Boil Blues Band spearheaded by Tom Dalldorf, publisher of Celebrator Beer News.

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Ninkasi Brewing Co


Rolling Boil Blues Band

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Vintage Brews

This episode has music! It was so much fun putting together too. Even though I’m in between Microbrew fests, the beer still flowed freely. You’ll hear Jamie Floyd, Brewmaster/Partner at Ninkasi Brewing Company at a brewer’s wedding giving us an update on new and seasonal beers to look for and what’s behind some of the names of their beers – fascinating. We are working on a way to make their T shirts available thru the Craft Brew Cast. I’ve also got a GREAT interview with Jim Parker about the soon to be open Green Dragon Bistro and Brewpub in SW Portland Oregon. Jim’s a very entertaining guy, and a natural at this interview stuff. They have some ingenious plans for the Green Dragon that I think will put them on the map. Another topic included is “the care and feeding of a vintage collections”, and discussing a vertical tasting and how to put one together. And as always, events thru September and news tidbits.

Malt prices rise – USA Today

Ninkasi Brewing Company

Mia & Pia’s

Green Dragon Bistro and Brewpub

Oregon Brewers Festival 2007 Weekend

Live interviews from microbrew festivals with people who know that beer is good for you!. In this episode 21st Amendment’s Shaun O’Sullivan on his Watermellon Wheat and canning beer, Rogue Ales‘ Scott Gallagher gives us the 13th Annual Bones and Brews, Pacific Brew New’s Rick Sellers gives a shout out to brewers and home brew clubs, Wadzilla from Laurelwood Public House and Brewery gets his party on with Bar2D2. August brew festivals dates and locations.announced.

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