Sasquatch Brew Festival 2007


In this premiere episode you’ll hear interviews recorded live at the Sasquatch Brew Festival with Quentin Falconer, Glen Hay Falconer Memorial Foundation‘s Brewing Scholarship recipients Jacob Leanard and Corey Blodget, and Wakonda Brewing‘s Juanita Kirkham. I also discuss Rogue ales YouTube videos, Oregon Brewers Festival, brewing news, and events.

This episode is reposted because it dropped off of the feed about a month after it was released. It has important information about the Glen Hay Falconer Memorial Foundation Brewing Scholarships at the Siebel Institute and the deadline for applications approaches, April 20th. Besides, this episode has very sentimental value to me, and it should be available to subscribers.

I have a follow up interview with Corey Blodget, one of the 2007 winners that I’m about to post. So, first things first. 

Sasquatch Brew Festival

Glen Hay Falconer Memorial Foundation Brewing Scholarship

GHF Brewing Scholarship Application

Siebel Institute

Oregon Brewers Festival

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