Sasquatch Legacy Beer and Walking Man Brewery

2008 Legacy BrewersWalking Man Brewing is a warm and inviting place with a range of beers that has literally something for everyone with the most discerning of taste for Craft Brews. In keeping with that standard it is also a place where the Legacy of Glen Falconer continues, as each year the latest recipients of the Glen Hay Falconer Memorial Foundation’s professional brewing scholarships, brew a collaboration beer.

This Legacy Project is the brain child of Bob Craig, owner ofWalkingman Stool Walking Man Brewing in Stevenson Washington and raises funds for the scholarship. In the past the Legacy Project has raised over $6,000 for the foundation. An amount that covers the Foundation’s portion for one of the annual scholarships that are awarded each year. If you haven’t submitted an application and are reading this before April 21st then there is still time to do so.

Sasquatch LogoThis beer exemplifies the unity of the Craft Brew Industry. Bob has rallied the industry behind the cause. From Great Western’s donation of the malts, to the pub owners who contribute for each pint sold and everyone in between.

Jacob Leanard and Corey Blodget’s collaboration for 2008 is an Imperial Vienna style. The release will be at Don Younger’s Horsebrass Pub in Portland Oregon. The date is yet to be announced and will be posted on the Craft Brew Cast Calendar.

Brewers and press gathered on the day of the brew. We were Christine Jump w/ John Foystonhosted by Walking Man with tremendous big beers and fine foods.

If there is any truth to the idea that the energy in which food is cooked might be passed into the food, then this beer will imbue one with a zest for life. It is my hope that the interviews in this podcast transport you to Walking Man where creative brewing freedom and warm company fuel a Legacy.

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