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It is rare to see a business commit so completely to environmental and socially responsible practices. Despite higher operating costs and logistical challenges that those very practices present, Stone Brewing Company World Bistro and Gardens is a model to that end. Greg reveals Stone’s unwavering focus to conscientiously invest in responsible, sustainable business practices, as well as safe and healthy choices for their guests while supporting local agriculture. For example; there are bans of certain ingredients at Stone, and a fleet of hybrid vehicles for their sales team.

Greg Koch and co-owner/master brewer Steve Wagner demonstrate that sustainability means business success. They have taken the risk, made the investments and are realizing overwhelming growth. This brewery and restaurant is a model of how business can thrive.

“Going Green” and being a “Socially Responsible” business is not a black and white proposition. Equipment required to minimize the businesses environmental impact, may incur increased energy usage. Hence, tough choices and consequences to balance.

Stone Brewing Company is putting their money where their hearts are with the beers and the Bistro. And it’s working for the business.

Listen to Greg’s passionate interview. Follow the leader – Stone Brewing CoStarboard Green

Music this episode is generously provided by Starboard Green under the pseudonym Bob Dystilan, performing The Beers They are A-Changin’. Band members Brad Paxton and Josh Nichols co-wrote these lyrics to the tune of Bob Dylan’s classic, The Times They Are A-Changin’.

Brad sent this tidbit of background for you:


The 2006 Dogfish Head Bocce Ball Tournament required four people to a team. The teams competed in two events – the actual Bocce Ball game (where we didn’t exactly excel) and a team theme/originality contest.

We decided to go as ‘the Beerniks,’ and basically took key icons in the Beatnik world and gave them beer related names, such as ‘Bob Dystilan,’ ‘Ale’n Ginsbeerg’ and ‘Dr. Timothy Beery’ (who, instead of LSD, distributed bags of hops to people).

This episode sponsored by Rogue Ales, Stouts, Porters, Lagers and Spirits – Brewed and Distilled in Newport, Oregon.

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