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Breakside Brewery’s Ben Edmunds


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At the beautiful Breakside Brewery in Portland, Oregon I interviewed Brew Master Ben Edmunds  over 7 tasters of his fine craft beer. Each beer was an exquisite representation of it’s style. The quality of these brews is evidenced by the 2011 Great American Brew Festival medal awarded the Dry Irish Stout.  This was no doubt one of many awards to come for this innovative brewery.

In this interview Ben tells us about Breakside from it’s beginnings through today’s expansion plans. He also shares the surprising fruits of collaborations with award winning chefs. Together they’ve created unique beers that subtly merge culinary flavors in complex layers. The teacher in him peeks out as he discloses “how to” details, tricks and tips including use of alternative ingredients. Chestnuts anyone?

His journey to becoming a professional craft brewer is surprising yet the approach he has taken may be a necessary one for those wishing to succeed in today’s Craft Brewing community.

Finally we wrap up the the program with a tour of this modest brewery, where the real magic begins.

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Breakside Brewery

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