Maui Brewing Co.’s Garrett Marrero and Scott Freitas

Maui Men
Maui Brewing Company’s owner Garrett Marrero and Brewmaster Scott Freitas volley off one another in this very entertaining and informative interview taken at Kelly’s Olympian in Portland Oregon.They spill details about the new canning line, why cans, the 30+ beers that they make, who’s spending the brewery resources and what those expenditures mean to us Maui fans, the brewpub, local sourcing, poo-poos, and job opportunities all the while teasing and ­­bantering with each other.Maui WallpaperSpecial thanks to Wammo of the The Asylum Street Spankers for bringing music to this episode with “Beer, Beer, Beer”. Members of the band used to stay with Scott when they performed in town. It seems fitting to bring them all together in this episode… Download: maui072010.mp3This episode features Maui Brewing Co wallpaper for your iPhone shown at right. Available through Craft Brew Cast iPhone App. LINKS:Maui Brewing Co | Kelly’s Olympian | “Beer” by Asylum Street Spankers Craft Brew Cast:Subscribe | Home Page | Store |iTunes | iPhone app | Facebook | Twitter |Stream this episode

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Rogue Ales: Hops, Barley, Beer and Spirits.

Rogue Ales master brewer John Maier, founder Jack Joyce, and John Young from the newest Rogue outpost each join us in this show.

John Maier tells us about the latest in his John’s Locker Stock series – Love and Hoppiness. This is a lagered strong ale that has sentimental roots and John tells of its evolution and annual occasion.

Jack Joyce discusses how Rogue Hop Farmthe hops and barley shortages has effected the industry as a whole, changing the way breweries plan and collaborate. He introduces no less than 7 new products that will begin appearing in 2008. Rogue will begin joining the “wood” styles of beer, with a twist as only Rogue can.

Shortly after these interviews were taken Rogue revealed that they’re growing their own hops in a heritage farm near Independence, Oregon. More details are posted on the Craft Brew Cast Blog page.

Rogue has opened an outpost inside the concourse at the Portland International Airport! So you can now take great food with you on your flight. I talked with John and was surprised to learn of another service that they provide travelers. Ill have to let hear him tell it.

Rogue's new 100bbl system I wrap the show up with a song called “Beer Toast” by Bobby Chitwood. He’s got some nice slide guitar and fiddle going, and yuks it up with a beery-country twang.

As always, a big thank you to Rolling Boil Blues Band for letting me use their music with our intro. Check their website for upcoming concert dates.

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