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Cider Riot! ciders are, bar-none the best cider available. After running into Abram and trying their hopped cider  Everybody Pogo, I understood why ciders are becoming more and more popular. This particular cider is dry, crisp and delicious.

On their website they describe themselves like this:

Cider Riot is a crowd funded urban cidery in Portland Oregon dedicated to producing high quality ciders from Cascadian grown apples. With tradition as our guide and
our roots firmly planted in the rich soils of our bioregion, our urban cidery will produce refreshing, flavorful ciders.

During the interview Abram addresses the apple abramshortage that we’ve been hearing about in the news, Kickstarter lessons, cider making, glycol free refrigeration, and details of embarking on this Cider venture.



Barley’s Angels Presents Julia Herz at Rogue Hop Farm

Julia Herz presents to Barley's Angels at Rogue Hop FarmBarley’s Angels Farm to Bottle event at Rogue Hop Farm featured a number of presentations, tours and tastings showcasing Terroir to table quality. Craft Brew Cast recorded Palate Trips presented by Julia Herz and now, you too can take the Palate Trip.

Amid hops and hives, rye and pumpkins in the Wigrich Appellation of Independence Oregon, while roosters crow, Julia lays the foundation for a journey, acquainting us with the flavors of each of five beer styles and how they compliment or diminish sweet, salty, spicy or acidic favors and what cuts through richness, calms acid, or balances spice. Then the tasting begins with Julia and participants sharing their impressions along the journey.

Assemble the following beer styles and food items to follow along: a pilsner, berliner weisse, brown, oatmeal stout, and imperial IPA, blue cheese, chocolate, feta, caramel corn, pepperoni, a slice of kosher dill pickle, and a dollop  spicey mustard on a cracker.

Barley's AngelsBarley’s Angels is an organization offering women more than 138 educational craft beer experiences in 2012, produced by a global network of chapters. Launched  in 2011 at Rogue Distillery and Public House in Portland Oregon, there are now chapters in five countries. Chapters operate autonomously bringing craft beer professionals and experts together with eager female consumers to expand the appreciation,  understanding and sharing of craft beer. To form a chapter or find one in your area visit

Brewers AssociationJulia Herz is Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association and Publisher of She is a BJCP beer judge, award-winning homebrewer, a Certified Cicerone® and leader of American Craft Beer Week. Her areas of expertise include: Resources and education on craft beer, general statistics on the craft brewer segment, beer styles and trends plus craft beer and food pairing. In her role at the Brewers Association she serves as an advocate for and educator about U.S. craft brewers, and is a spokesperson for the Association. [source:]

Rogue AlesRogue Hop Farm is home to a historic “Hop-n-Bed”, Chatoe Rogue tasting room, chickens, turkeys, bees,  pot bellied pigs, hops yard, rye fields, gardens, the hop processing facilities, and the James and Frannie Coleman Conference Center. It is located along the 45th parallel, the “sweet spot” for hops growing in the Northern Hemisphere. During summer, the long periods of daylight and short periods of nighttime create ideal conditions for growing hops. This combination of long days and short nights are necessary to produce the hormones within the plant that stimulate growth of vines and flowers, leading to an abundance of cones for harvest in the fall. — Post by Christine Jump

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Breakside Flight

Breakside Brewery’s Ben Edmunds


tasters pic

At the beautiful Breakside Brewery in Portland, Oregon I interviewed Brew Master Ben Edmunds  over 7 tasters of his fine craft beer. Each beer was an exquisite representation of it’s style. The quality of these brews is evidenced by the 2011 Great American Brew Festival medal awarded the Dry Irish Stout.  This was no doubt one of many awards to come for this innovative brewery.

In this interview Ben tells us about Breakside from it’s beginnings through today’s expansion plans. He also shares the surprising fruits of collaborations with award winning chefs. Together they’ve created unique beers that subtly merge culinary flavors in complex layers. The teacher in him peeks out as he discloses “how to” details, tricks and tips including use of alternative ingredients. Chestnuts anyone?

His journey to becoming a professional craft brewer is surprising yet the approach he has taken may be a necessary one for those wishing to succeed in today’s Craft Brewing community.

Finally we wrap up the the program with a tour of this modest brewery, where the real magic begins.

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Breakside Brewery

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Firestone Walker

Firestone Walker Brewery’s Matt Brynildson

Firestone Walker Brewery logoFirestone Walker Brewery’s Brewmaster Matt Brynildson and I enjoyed a beer at one of the many events surrounding the Oregon Brewers Festival.

Named Mid Sized Brewery of the Year in 2007, this one-of-a-kind brewery uses an oak barrel fermentation program with a unique twist. In 2008 they walked away from the Great American Brewers Festival with 6 medals. Including a gold medal for Union Jack IPA in the most competitive category with over 100 entries.Union Jack IPA w medals

Matt is an active supporter of the Glen Hay Falconer Memorial Foundation’s scholarship program and even teaches at the Siebel Institute in Chicago Illinois.

Listen as he shares his insights into brewing, barrel aging and operations at this successful brewery, as well as upcoming never before released specialty ales from both the Nectar and Firestone Walker brands. Download this episode


Firestone Walker Brewery
Glen Hay Falconer Memorial Foundation
Siebel Institute
GHF Scholarship
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Rolling Boil Blues Band  (Graciously providing our intro music)

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Stone Brewing

Stone Brewing’s Greg Koch-GABF 2008


Stone Brewing logo

It is rare to see a business commit so completely to environmental and socially responsible practices. Despite higher operating costs and logistical challenges that those very practices present, Stone Brewing Company World Bistro and Gardens is a model to that end. Greg reveals Stone’s unwavering focus to conscientiously invest in responsible, sustainable business practices, as well as safe and healthy choices for their guests while supporting local agriculture. For example; there are bans of certain ingredients at Stone, and a fleet of hybrid vehicles for their sales team.

Greg Koch and co-owner/master brewer Steve Wagner demonstrate that sustainability means business success. They have taken the risk, made the investments and are realizing overwhelming growth. This brewery and restaurant is a model of how business can thrive.

“Going Green” and being a “Socially Responsible” business is not a black and white proposition. Equipment required to minimize the businesses environmental impact, may incur increased energy usage. Hence, tough choices and consequences to balance.

Stone Brewing Company is putting their money where their hearts are with the beers and the Bistro. And it’s working for the business.

Listen to Greg’s passionate interview. Follow the leader – Stone Brewing CoStarboard Green

Music this episode is generously provided by Starboard Green under the pseudonym Bob Dystilan, performing The Beers They are A-Changin’. Band members Brad Paxton and Josh Nichols co-wrote these lyrics to the tune of Bob Dylan’s classic, The Times They Are A-Changin’.

Brad sent this tidbit of background for you:


The 2006 Dogfish Head Bocce Ball Tournament required four people to a team. The teams competed in two events – the actual Bocce Ball game (where we didn’t exactly excel) and a team theme/originality contest.

We decided to go as ‘the Beerniks,’ and basically took key icons in the Beatnik world and gave them beer related names, such as ‘Bob Dystilan,’ ‘Ale’n Ginsbeerg’ and ‘Dr. Timothy Beery’ (who, instead of LSD, distributed bags of hops to people).

This episode sponsored by Rogue Ales, Stouts, Porters, Lagers and Spirits – Brewed and Distilled in Newport, Oregon.

Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens
Starboard Green
Starboard Green myspace page
Bob Dystilan

Great American Beer Festival

Rogue Ales
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21st Amendment

GABF 2008: Falling Rock, 21st Amendment, Michelob Experimentals

Day one of the Great American Beer Festival and I started off with a beer at Falling Rock Tap House. They are the unofficial hub during GABF week. You’ll hear owner Chris Black discuss the GABF and what is behind this pub making the “top 10″ list.

Then I attended a food and beer tasting featuring some wonderful craft styles from none other than Michelob. Nathaniel Davis, Master Brewer at their 10 bbl experimental brewery in St Louis talk with me about their beers, Michelob’s roots as a premier brewer and very interesting insights on glassware.

21st Amendment’s Shaun O’Sullivan shares his passion for canning craft beer and elaborates on his partnership with a friend and brewer to can his signature beers.

I wrap the show with Rolling Boil Blues Band’s Brew Right for the Blind

This episode is sponsored by: Rogue Ales, stouts, lagers, porters and spirits. Brewed and distilled in Newport Oregon.

Great American Beer Festival
Falling Rock
21st Amendment
Rolling Boil Blues Band
Rogue Ales

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