Sasquatch Legacy 2009 at Walking Man Brewing

Glen Hay Falconer Foundation Brewing Scholarship 2008 winners Patrick Miller and Vasilios Glestos brewed the latest collaboration ale for the Sasquatch Legacy Project early in 2009. I was there with my recorder capturing conversations with the brewing team at Walking Man Brewery. We discuss the style that they are making and the characteristics that they intend to brew into the beer as well as the techniques employed to achieve those results.

I put Walking Man’s owner Bob Craig on the spot when I ask why he offers up his brewery and resources for this project.Walkingman logo In a rare interview he shares his passion for brewing and brewers education. Bob has rallied suppliers, labs, distributors and pubs behind the Legacy Project that funds the GHF Foundation scholarships to the Seibel institute in Chicago Illinois.

Vasilios is currently a brewer with Rock Bottom. He once brewed at BJ’s in Jensen Beach, Portland Oregon. There he maintained a Barrel Aging program by which they served Barrel Aged Ale every day! In these interviews he reveals how he managed to accomplish it in that very small brewery.

Patrick is the first home brewer to be awarded this prestigious scholarship. He humbly contributes to Craft Beer awareness in his community and is an officer with the Oregon Brew Crew. He offers pointers and insights for those of you that are considering applying for this Scholarship.

Pictured above Jeremy Landers clearly enjoys the 2009 Sasquatch Legacy Ale at the release party held at the world famous Horse Brass Pub in Portland, Oregon. Horse Brass owner Don Younger donates 100% of the moneys collected from the sale of this beer to the Foundation.

Enough of my babble. Listen to these brewers tell the story. 

Jeremy’s Photo by Isaiah Jump © 2009.


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