Samuel Adams’ Jim Koch & Longshot-GABF 2008

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Longshot winners w/Jim KochJim Koch presents the Longshot Homebrew Contest finalists of both the nation-wide side and the Employee side of the competition. Expressing his passion for homebrewing and the relevance it continues to have in the Craft Brewing movement Jim reveals the winners of this years competition. Interestingly one of the beers that won last year will be included in the upcoming release of the Longshot mixed case. You’ll have to listen to the show to find out why. These winning recipes will be brewed and released early in of 2009. Don’t miss them, they are outstanding flavorful, beers.

 Crowd awaiting Utopias

Then Jim and I chat about the Great American Brewers Festival’s roots in homebrewing, his family history in professional brewing, and take a walk down memory lane of breweries past. He also explains the special conditions for pouring Utopias at the GABF.

Rob Driscoll gives us the deadlines for the next Longshot Homebrew Contest -get ready. I understand that Samuel Adams treats finalists VERY well when they come to the GABF.

I wrap up the show with a little beer diddy that was sang by Matt Swihart as we closed the GABF weekend at Falling Rock Tap House. Matt is the brew master at Double Mountain Brewery in Hood River, Oregon.

This show is sponsored by ROGUE Ales, Stouts, Lagers, Porters and Spirits. Brewed and distilled in Newport Oregon.

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