21st Amendment

GABF 2008: Falling Rock, 21st Amendment, Michelob Experimentals

Day one of the Great American Beer Festival and I started off with a beer at Falling Rock Tap House. They are the unofficial hub during GABF week. You’ll hear owner Chris Black discuss the GABF and what is behind this pub making the “top 10″ list.

Then I attended a food and beer tasting featuring some wonderful craft styles from none other than Michelob. Nathaniel Davis, Master Brewer at their 10 bbl experimental brewery in St Louis talk with me about their beers, Michelob’s roots as a premier brewer and very interesting insights on glassware.

21st Amendment’s Shaun O’Sullivan shares his passion for canning craft beer and elaborates on his partnership with a friend and brewer to can his signature beers.

I wrap the show with Rolling Boil Blues Band’s Brew Right for the Blind

This episode is sponsored by: Rogue Ales, stouts, lagers, porters and spirits. Brewed and distilled in Newport Oregon.

Great American Beer Festival
Falling Rock
21st Amendment
Rolling Boil Blues Band
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