Barley’s Angels Presents Julia Herz at Rogue Hop Farm

Julia Herz presents to Barley's Angels at Rogue Hop FarmBarley’s Angels Farm to Bottle event at Rogue Hop Farm featured a number of presentations, tours and tastings showcasing Terroir to table quality. Craft Brew Cast recorded Palate Trips presented by Julia Herz and now, you too can take the Palate Trip.

Amid hops and hives, rye and pumpkins in the Wigrich Appellation of Independence Oregon, while roosters crow, Julia lays the foundation for a journey, acquainting us with the flavors of each of five beer styles and how they compliment or diminish sweet, salty, spicy or acidic favors and what cuts through richness, calms acid, or balances spice. Then the tasting begins with Julia and participants sharing their impressions along the journey.

Assemble the following beer styles and food items to follow along: a pilsner, berliner weisse, brown, oatmeal stout, and imperial IPA, blue cheese, chocolate, feta, caramel corn, pepperoni, a slice of kosher dill pickle, and a dollop  spicey mustard on a cracker.

Barley's AngelsBarley’s Angels is an organization offering women more than 138 educational craft beer experiences in 2012, produced by a global network of chapters. Launched  in 2011 at Rogue Distillery and Public House in Portland Oregon, there are now chapters in five countries. Chapters operate autonomously bringing craft beer professionals and experts together with eager female consumers to expand the appreciation,  understanding and sharing of craft beer. To form a chapter or find one in your area visit

Brewers AssociationJulia Herz is Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association and Publisher of She is a BJCP beer judge, award-winning homebrewer, a Certified Cicerone® and leader of American Craft Beer Week. Her areas of expertise include: Resources and education on craft beer, general statistics on the craft brewer segment, beer styles and trends plus craft beer and food pairing. In her role at the Brewers Association she serves as an advocate for and educator about U.S. craft brewers, and is a spokesperson for the Association. [source:]

Rogue AlesRogue Hop Farm is home to a historic “Hop-n-Bed”, Chatoe Rogue tasting room, chickens, turkeys, bees,  pot bellied pigs, hops yard, rye fields, gardens, the hop processing facilities, and the James and Frannie Coleman Conference Center. It is located along the 45th parallel, the “sweet spot” for hops growing in the Northern Hemisphere. During summer, the long periods of daylight and short periods of nighttime create ideal conditions for growing hops. This combination of long days and short nights are necessary to produce the hormones within the plant that stimulate growth of vines and flowers, leading to an abundance of cones for harvest in the fall. — Post by Christine Jump

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